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Flash Theology: A Visual Guide to Knowing and Enjoying God More -Jenny Randle & Brayden Brookshier

Theology matters.

Yet the art and study of theology has been viewed as a luxury for the scholar, when it really ought to be the daily pursuit of every Christian and the desire of our hearts: to know God and enjoy Him more! This beautiful book accomplishes many goals in one. Jenny Randle and Brayden Brookshier have created a visual guide to theology in a way that is accessible to anyone who desires to grow in their faith, their walk, and their understanding of who our great God really is!

There are 31 truths of theology broken down into three main sections: 1) What is God? 2) Who is God? and 3) What is God like? Each truth summarizes who God is in a specific way , and asks the question: “What does this mean for me?” I love how they phrase this question, and I think it’s very crucial. Often we ask: What does this mean TO me? This is subjective. But Randle and Brookshier realize that we do not determine how God’s Word and theology is useful for us, rather we must align ourselves with HIS truth.

It is packed with illustrations, colorful and helpful charts, and most importantly Scripture that highlights the character and nature of God. Some examples include God’s holiness, his love, God has Father, friend, protector, and God as glorious, happy, and wise.I see this book being a great resource for churches, small groups, and even a personal daily devotional (If you read one truth a day, you’ll go through them all in a month!)

Most importantly, it is encouraging, and opens up the opportunity for believers to joyfully know God more and discover how God can truly and faithfully change your life.

Read & Repeat


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