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Refreshment for the Soul: A Year of Daily Devotional Readings from the ‘Heavenly Doctor’ – Richard Sibbes

Though I have not read much of the Puritans, I have always heard great things about Richard Sibbes and his many writings. The Puritan pool is vast and deep, and this is the reason why I loved this volume so much. David MacKinnon, who is a pastor himself for over forty years, presents this daily devotional of the best of Sibbes’ theological and spiritual writings. There are 366 extracts so that it can be used every day of the year as a source of devotion and an aid to study and growing in your understanding of God and practical theology.

If you’re like me and haven’t read much or have never read anything at all of the Puritans, this is a great place to start. Each entry can be read in 5 minutes or less and is always accompanied by a Scripture verse in relation to the passage. There is also a reference of the work with page numbers in case you want to explore the original material for yourself. One of the main themes that MacKinnon includes early on is that of the humility of the believer and how crucial this is to our spiritual lives. What a great way to start a year! Sibbes’ writings are fantastic and provide great insight and commentary to Scripture that you cannot find anywhere else.

If you are a devotional kind of person or a Puritan fan in general, this is the right book for you. Check it out at Banner of Truth!

Read & Repeat

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