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Reading for the Love of God: How to Read as a Spiritual Practice – Jessica Hooten Wilson

We love reading and we love books. So naturally we were drawn to this new book by Wilson written for the purpose of learning how to read for the love of God as a spiritual practice. Reading is a fun and rewarding exercise, but Wilson shows us even further how reading can and ought to foster spiritual transformation. There is more to reading than just reading.

I was challenged by this book in many ways, but mostly by the emphasis on how both classic and modern fiction/literature can shape our spiritual lives and transform our minds to think and live biblically. Of course, Scripture is primary and our only authority in life and truth. Yet Augustine reminds us that all truth is God’s truth and can be read for the benefit of delight, instruction, and wisdom. Wilson encourages us to consider the simple act of reading as a means of growth in our Christian life and walk. She uses several guides, such as Augustine, Julian of Norwich, Frederick Douglass, and Dorothy Sayers, showing how they approached the act of reading and how it changed their own lives and those around them.

There are parts of the book that dive into medieval interpretation practices (the four senses of Scripture) that I would consider a stretch and a potentially unhealthy way of reading Scripture. With that said, I still see this book as beneficial in understanding how reading great books can have a major impact on the Christian life, if we learn to read well.

Overall, there are spiritual benefits to reading. And this book encourages and inspires Christians who do not read, to take up and read! and for those who do already love reading, to learn to read well.

Read & Repeat


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