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Tolkien Dogmatics: Theology through Mythology with the Maker of Middle-earth – Austin M. Freeman

A window into Tolkien’s theology:

One thing that is clear when reading through Tolkien’s fictional work is the beautiful and imaginative display of his deeply rooted Christian beliefs and values, or should we say, theology? It is hard to miss it most of the time, though Tolkien was never very explicit in his fantasy writing. The beauty just seems to pour out between the lines. Here in this book, Austin Freeman has taken on the helpful and insightful task of creating a systematic theology from the life and works of Tolkien himself.

Say what you will about Tolkien’s intentions, this volume is such a great read if you are a Tolkien fan and want to learn more about God’s work in the world and how Tolkien expressed this through his writings. Freeman, uses his fictional work, letters, and lectures to form a systematic theology including revelation, creation, humanity, angels, evil and sin, Christ and salvation, and the last things. Tolkien did not lay out his theology in this way himself, so having this resource is fun and informative for any fan of Tolkien and/or theology.

If you want to know what Tolkien’s views of God were and how they shaped The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, etc., this book is a fantastic read. As far as I know, there is no book like it. Not only does it give insight into Tolkien’s theology, it also expands the readers view of God and inspires worship and devotion that very much marked Tolkien’s life and walk.

Grab a copy from Lexham Press today!

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