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Ethics as Worship: The Pursuit of Moral Discipleship – Mark D. Liederbach and Evan Lenow

In an age when truth is relative and ethics are hazy at best, Christians need to be firmly grounded in the truth of the Scriptures, understanding why we believe what we believe and how God’s Word impacts our daily lives and decisions. Ethics as Worship is one of those books that takes the issues of Ethics and places it in the center of God himself and His design for all of creation. It is really a book about God and His glory, and how our lives ought to exude worship in response to Him and His grace.

What is most intriguing about this book is its starting point. This is not just another book detailing how we ought to act and make ethical decisions in the world as believers. It sets the stage for these ethical decisions as acts of worship to our God, Creator, and King. It begins by defining Christian ethics and how they relate to worship: Worship is comprehensive and requires all aspects our lives.

Worship requires that we give to the correct God (the one true God) all praise, honor, and glory he is due from the heart, as he instructs, in every aspect of our existence, both by ourselves and corporately with all people created in his image.

Liederbach and Lenow

It then looks at the landscape of revealed reality through creation, fall, redemption, and restoration as the foundation for all ethics and worship, continuing on to discuss the role of the Holy Spirit and the Bible in the process. Before discussing different issues and applications of ethics as worship, the book dives into normative ethics and the methodology for thinking about and doing ethics in the world. It wraps up by applying the biblical foundations and principles to real-life issues such as social engagement, race, ethnicity, wealth and poverty, war, capital punishment, abortion, sexuality, marriage and divorce, and many others. The detail that this book provides is worth the time to read through and study, looking to God as our ruler and Lord over our own lives and decisions and the world in which we live.

Hitting close to 750 pages in length, it can easily be used as a textbook for Christian Ethics. It is large volume, but well worth the careful study. I’d say it is crucial now more than ever to understand the biblical foundations for ethics considering the world is such a blurry mess and in desperate need of Christ as their Savior and Lord. By living our lives faithfully in an unfaithful world, we deliver true worship and praise to our God while shining his light to all around us. Pursue moral discipleship and growth in the Lord by reading this book. Check it out at P & R Books!

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