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Stay Salt: The World Has Changed; Our Message Must Not – Rebecca Manley Pippert

The Gospel is the world’s greatest need. Telling others the truth of the gospel has always been central to the Christian life. Many of you may be familiar with Pippert’s book Out of the Saltshaker, which really engaged the idea of evangelism as a way of life for the believer. Here she is again in Stay Salt, speaking to and encouraging believers living in a different time to press on in the understanding and sharing of the truth of the Gospel.

In the beginning of this very engaging book, she asks the question: “How can we believe that there is no greater news in the world but still feel unable or unwilling to tell others?” I don’t know about you, but this is a convicting question! And a scary one, because if you’re like me, evangelism surfaces feelings of awkwardness and uncertainty. If this is you, Stay Salt has a whole lot to offer!

Pippert brings conviction and clarity to evangelism as a way of life, encouraging those that struggle with this important aspect of the Christian life to find their strength in God alone and to embrace the truth of the gospel in all of life. The book is split into three major sections. The first gives us the Means for witness and evangelism. God is our divine source and has empowered all of us for the task of evangelism. Secondly, we are grounded further in the Message of God’s Word, looking at Creation, the Fall, the cross, the resurrection, and Christ’s return. We need to confidently understand the message in order to share it with others. The last section focuses on the Model of evangelism, which is ultimately Jesus Christ. It looks at how to share the gospel with those that are both spiritually open and spiritual closed to the truth.

Evangelism is still easier than we think and harder than we imagine: it is both exciting and deadly serious.

Pippert, Page 36

Pippert easily interweaves personal stories of both “failure” and “success” in evangelism, which are both terms that we often misunderstand in this area. This really draws you in and maybe even gives you a point of commonality with the author and her experiences. There is also a strong reverence for God and His desire to see all reached with the gospel of Christ that is seen all throughout the book. We are ambassadors of the living God, and the weight and excitement that this ought to bring to our lives is expressed on every page.

If you often feel uneasy when you think about evangelism, you should really take time to read this book. It has helped me bolster my courage in the Lord and His strength on my behalf. Not only does it help ground us in confident models for evangelism, but it also aids in giving us a glimpse into the message and truth of the gospel itself as we seek to live it out in our lives.

*This book was graciously provided by The Good Book Company in exchange for an honest review.

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